Baneikala, Joda, Keonjhar - 758038 (CBSE AFFILIATION NO- 1530282)

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DAV Public School is committed to the development of the whole child and does not see a distinction between the pupil's intellectual progression and his/ her development as a caring member of both the school and the wider community.

  • The school has a clear philosophy, values, and principles which underpin pastoral care.
  • Provides pupils with knowledge and insight into values and beliefs.
  • Enables pupils to reflect on their experiences in a way that develops their awareness and self-knowledge.
  • Teaches the principles that distinguish right from wrong.
  • Encourages pupils to relate positively to others.
  • To take on responsibility.
  • To develop an understanding of citizenship.
  • To appreciate their own cultural traditions.
  • DAV also provides a lot of Emotional Comfort to the students. Each teacher is assigned a group of students, and that teacher acts as a parent to them. We forge a strong relationship with the student based on trust and faith.
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TATA DAV Public School, Joda
Baneikala, Joda, Keonjhar, Odisha, India, 758038
E-mail:- tatadav2012@gmail.com
Phone:- 06767218445, +91-8260403070, 9090288454

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